How Cuban colours inspired by Jewellery designs

How Cuban colours inspired by Jewellery designs
“Dance is a combination of body and soul”
- Cuban quote

I’ve always loved to dance. It connects us with our feminine essence and expression of our own sensuality and heart within our bodies. After all, it's also fun and it’s a fabulous exercise to keep fit!

Loving all things Latin music, I travelled to Cuba to experience first hand Cuban Salsa dances with locals. Within our group we even had a private class, which was a lot of fun!
I couldn't help but feel the rhythm of the energetic beats going through me when walking along the colourful streets of Havana and Trinidad. Dance, is a celebration of being alive or of passion and attraction with a joyful syncing between a man and a woman. Even though Cuban Salsa follows certain routines, it gives more freedom of movement to the female dancer which allows her to shine her soul in her unique way.

In a small bar in Trinidad, a small local band was playing. That’s where I’ve seen a 70-year old man holding and leading his woman with such grace and strength, displaying ageless love and where passion was cultivated. A beautiful moment to have witnessed.


Havana Chandelier Earrings
As a result, I’ve created these long Havana statement chandelier earrings for the confident, wild and sensual woman. The organic leaves, the bars and the colourful gemstones combine the essence of Havana and Trinidad, harmonising the tropical background with its neo-classic architecture and its colourful positive energy. The elements are linked together creating a movement when worn reflecting the female movement of freedom. Enjoy wearing these colourful gemstones that exude happiness, joy and radiant light as well!

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Let your wild woman out and shine!
It takes courage I know, but I believe in you, you know you can do so. 
It doesn't matter what others think, they'll be more inspired by you thank you think! When you dance, you are in your heart, you’ll have fun, have no resistance, all worries are washed away and you reconnect with your beautiful radiant self! Give yourself permission to be imperfect, explore your fun wild side. It boosts your confidence and joy for life!
Enjoy it, just start with swaying your hips ;-)

Dance into colours and feel feminine, confident and beautiful whenever you wear them.

“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you"
- Paul Coehlo
Dance Moodboard

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