UK Hallmark / Metal Guide


Vermeil "ver·may"
A long lasting high quality thick layer of 24ct gold layer on top of a sterling silver base. It gives you an affordable luxurious piece without the price tag. Replating is possible.


I use 18k gold for all my bespoke pieces and 22k gold plating for the gold vermeil jewellery. 18k gold contains 75% gold, 25% other metals (usually copper and silver).
Karat "K" is a measurement system for the level of purity or fineness in gold. 24K gold is not used for jewellery making because it’s too soft to stay rigid as a piece of jewellery under the wear and tear of normal use. That’s why other elements are added to the pure gold to give it strength, durability and adds to that golden colour.


Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% of silver alloy and 7.5% of other metals (usually copper) to give the jewellery strength and durability when worn. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.


At Victoria von Stein Design, all precious bespoke jewellery is hallmarked at the London Assay Office with standard UK Hallmarks. 

It guarantees not only its provenance but also that it has been tested to conform to all legal standards of purity (fineness) and meets consumer protection.

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Hallmark UK Guide