ABAHTI - The inspirational Story

ABAHTI - The inspirational Story
The Abhati pendant is the newest addition to my Kerala Collection! The name Abhati means light, splendour in Hindu. The sunlight has been a big inspiration in this collection and how it affects our energy positively.
 When I travelled for the first time to Kerala, I joined a travel photography course to capture the beauty of India.

Discovering the lush tropical forests and its colourful hidden villages near the canal backwaters was a delight for our eyes. I heard the wind blowing through the palm trees, watched them sway and observed how the sunlight rays pierced through the leaves and fell onto my face. Just pure natural beauty and playful movements of light and shadows. I felt a deep sense of peace, warmth and happiness within.
Feeling a slight breese over my face was very refreshing as well on these humid November days!

Sometimes we just have to stop and notice the natural beauty around us. Sunshine is so powerful, it gives us energy and brightness in life. Have you noticed how people are happier and smile more when the sun is out? This radiant solar energy reminded me of the radiance of a woman.
When you're connected to yourself, you feel joyful and confident and your inner radiance will shine out to anyone around you making their lives brighter as well.

I’ve designed this pendant reflecting this idea in mind and crafted a clean, organic design that looks like a palm tree with solar radiance combined with a gemstone. It’s in two layers to give more depth and referring to layered sunlight rays.

When you wear this luxurious little piece remind yourself of your inner radiance and energy that is always within you.

Ideal to wear everyday in the office or in your daily private life! 


“Where you can’t find the sun, be the sunshine”
“Everything which originates from pure love is lit with the radiance of beauty”
- Simone Weil, French philosopher

Abahti moodboard inspiration

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