As a nature lover, I’ve been inspired by morning sunrises by the river. Isn’ it beautiful to see such pure natural beauty? No filters just a calming, atmospheric effect where the morning light is reflecting in glistening dewdrops on leaves. I believe that nature is art and harmony and teaches us wisdom of everyday life.

“if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere”
- Vincent Van Gogh

I felt inspired to mark this sight into a statement ring that reflects a woman’s own inner radiating beauty.

Although technology has made many things possible in jewellery manufacture,  some styles are not suitable for computers hence the manucturing of jewels with traditional craftsmanship techniques are still of value! Hope you feel inspired by the labor of love:

I often go straight into working with sterling silver and for the lily ring I’m sawing out two leaf shapes from a sheet of sterling silver. A saw frame and blade are the essential tools for this technique! The blades are 0.2-0.5mm and as you can imagine are easily breakable if I’m not paying attention on how I’m sawing into the metal. Focus, skill and a steady arm movement are needed! It always delights me when I see the shape cut out.

I always loved texture, it brings character, energy and an imperfect organic look and feel to the piece!
The silver had to be annealed (softened) with a torch first to be able to apply the effect. Using a hammer skillfully, I’ve applied the desired texture to the leaves and on the border, it’s a great to see the immediate result and how the piece is coming alive! Loved hearing from one customer that it reminded her of water ripples as well ;-)

Next step is to solder the leaves on the ring shanks, and creating bezels for the stones. I use a problem solving mind on how I want the ring to wrap around the finger in order to be easy to wear, be functional yet creating a statement look.

At this stage the ring has had a basic polish, it’s nearly finished! Setting stones is the most tricky  stage as it demands lots of strength in your arms, focus and skilled hand movements to rubover the metal onto the stones to set them in tightly without breaking them! This is a job that must not be rushed. I learned that the best thing for a jeweller is learning to focus on the task and take breaks when you feel tired. It feels like such an achievement when everything comes together and the beautiful ring sparkles!


I often chose gemstone colours and shapes based on what I’ve seen in nature or I just get inspired by the gem itself.
I’ve chosen grey labradorite and citrine gemstones as they represented well nature colours and the sun.

This handcrafted with love ring is ideal for special occasions or everyday chic! Express your love for nature in an organic elegant way here:

Lily Ring

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