Drop a hint

Dreaming of a VVS Jewellery piece?

We want to feel good and wear jewellery that is our style - have you ever received jewellery gifts that you didn't like but didn't dare to say so?

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, your achievements, monther's day etc... where we want to give a thoughtful gift that says we love and appreciate them are great occasions.

It is also a time where most men or women get stressed when it comes to choosing your gifts as she or he will most likely have missed all your hints. He/she has no data about where to go or what to buy. That's where I can help you by giving him/her clear data on what to gift you and still keep it as a semi-surprise!

Just fill in the form with:

1. Your Name and email (so I know who made the request)

In Message box:
2. His/her email address and name
3. Tell me which piece you desire, what size, metal and stone colour

... and I'll drop him an email mentioning the piece you desire for any special occasions such as Christmas or your anniversary or birthday. No more receiving unwanted gifts!

She/he will be very thankful! ;-)


Best wishes,