Victoria von Stein offers handcrafted fine jewellery collections, remodelling, bespoke design commissions and hand-illustrated fine art prints.

They are small sculptural treasures made from the beauty of the earth, infusing symbolic meanings, an earthy organic tactile feel with vibrant colours.

Each collection tells a story from her travel discoveries around the world. Crafted in sterling silver with quality 22ct goldplating and alluring gemstones using traditional silversmithing techniques, they are made to be worn to suit today’s casual chic day-to-night lifestyle and for generations to come. Designed and handcrafted in London, UK. 

You can discover them here.

They are for women to visually express the beauty that each of us carries within with luxurious organic elegant jewellery designs that evoke our dreams, our memories and our hearts. Every time they wear it, they feel connected, confident and radiant from within.


Victoria is a Franco-German multi-disciplinary jewellery designer maker / graphic designer based in London, UK. 

It was through a desire to feel connected to her travel experiences and share her stories that lead her to initially discover her desire to make jewellery, looking for something meaningful to create with her hands. They symbolise what each country meant to her; the people, the natural beauty and the cultural art/design/wisdom she learned about.

Her own bi-cultural upbringing in Germany, the Tyrolian alps of Austria, France and her English professional education in London, UK influenced her artistic inspirations. 

Her BA (Hons) Graphic Design Diploma at Camberwell College of Arts gave her the opportunity to explore and develop her natural artistic talents. She worked as a graphic designer for agencies and brands in London since 2006. 

In 2015, she decided to pursue her own artistic voice through the fulfilling practice of working with her hands. She naturally transferred her keen eye for details, beautiful aesthetic, concept design thinking and love for gemstones to the art of jewellery design and craftsmanship.

She retrained as an independent jewellery designer maker at CityLit college under the tutelage of well-known jewellers. In London 2015/16 she was selected and took part in The Goldsmith's Centre's Setting Out Programme and had her resident design studio there until 2020.

Taking on the challenge on how to interpret and symbolise meaningful messages and concept ideas into an enchanting tangible piece drives her in her creative development. Illustration and jewellery are her preferred mediums of expression.

She believes in jewellery’s ability to tell stories and create connections. Her artistic mission is to transmit ideas and life stories that express a joie de vivre through beautiful fine jewels made with inspiring handcraft techniques. Designed to come alive when wrapped around the body. This drives her to create design solutions that uplift, encourage joy, inner strength, courage and inspires love. 

Her creativity is her source of joy and wellbeing. It's especially a rewarding satisfactory feeling when seeing the final results of her work and it makes a positive impact in her clients' life.


Victoria transmits her insights of her enriching travel experiences to exotic countries into her artworks and jewellery designs exploring themes of freedom, harmony, la joie de vivre and biophelia. She’s especially drawn to convey the wellbeing effects of being in nature through her botanical jewellery. This can also be seen in her illustrations which compliment her storytelling jewellery collections very well.

Decorative arts, architecture, the energy of colours, the magical poetry of the natural world and wisdom of ancient cultures are some sources of design inspiration.


Her creative process begins by researching themes of interest, photographing, collecting and drawing elements of inspirations, creating moodboards and drawing sketches. She uses gouache, ink-coloured pencils and fine liners for her hand-drawn illustrations which are a source of inspiration for her jewellery designs. Various design possibilities are then created before final collection pieces are selected.  

She interprets the themes of light, sensuality, energy and freedom into her work by experimenting with layering, composition, negative space, flowy forms, contrasting colours and textures. She uses ancient traditional techniques such as sawing out shapes, sculpting organic shapes in wax, soldering, hammering and gemstone settings using precious sterling silver, gold vermeil or 18ct gold. Her aim is to create sensual, refined yet bold, colourfully joyful, tactile pieces that are light to wear with an enchanting look & feel.

She’s open to explore new ways of applying colours, light effects and textures into her work. This enables her to evolve and innovate her creative development with new inspiring craft techniques in order to best communicate the narrative story she wants to tell. 

She sometimes partners with specialised goldsmiths and 3D CAD technicians for her bespoke commissions. Using recycled precious metals and ethical gemstones where possible to create a sustainable practice is important to her.


- Future Icons x Goldsmiths' Centre Xmas Pop up, London 2019
- Inhorgenta Jewellery Trade Show / Exhibitor under Great Britain Pavilion, Munich, Germany 2019
- Blooming Founder's Pop Up at Cocoon Partners, London, UK 2018
- Private Christmas Pop Up, Paris, France 2017
- 'Spring Treasures' Gallery Pop Up at Craft Central, London, UK 2016
- Cabinet of Curiosities at The Goldsmith's Centre, London, UK 2015
- 'Made In Clerkenwell' at Craft Central Open Studios x The Goldsmiths' Centre, London, UK 2015
- 'Make Your Mark' / The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office, London, UK 2015