In June, I’ve recently given my first talk as a speaker at LOVEx Talks amongst other great speakers based on the theme of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I felt very excited about this opportunity!

Here are my insights on how to enhance your connections to others through giving and receiving meaningful and thoughtful gifts.

I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with the audience and hear their experiences as well, as we can all learn from each other! A big thank you to the supportive organisers and the MC!

Why do we give gifts? What are our intentions?

I will focus on the concept of giving tangible gifts. I believe the more meaning and thoughtfulness we infuse into the chosen gift the more we generate a loving feeling in our friends or loved ones as it deepens our connections with them. We want to show appreciation & love, remember the good times, celebrate them as a person and show that we’ve been thinking of her/him and that s/he is important to us.
It’s about the message we want to express with this gift, isn’t it?

Don’t you love to see that slowly growing smile on her face when she unwraps the present, that happy loving energy that radiates from her and maybe even get a heartfelt hug!? Knowing that you have brought joy into her life feels so amazing, doesn’t it?

There are so many reasons why we want to give gifts:
A good loving practice is to say “ I love you”, “I’m proud of you” or “I’m here for you” or “I saw these, and I thought of you”  throughout the year besides wishing her a “happy birthday”…  She will appreciate it so much more because she knows you’ve put time, effort and energy into it to make her feel special.
We all want to be loved for who we are, including our dark and light sides. Making her feel loved, feel seen and show that you understand and appreciate her is one of the greatest gift you can give her.

A jewellery piece is more than just a beautiful sparkling item, it has a story to tell, one that is uniquely yours. When she wears it and sees it, it reminds her of you and the beautiful memories and connection you have shared together whether you are friends or lovers.

I like to call them wearable memories or talismans. Heirlooms of our grandmothers or parents have this effect too, that’s why we love these jewels and keep them preciously.

So why do some people find it stressful to receive or give gifts?
Ah the dreaded Christmas frenzy! That's when it becomes a shopping list, just another task in our busy lives to complete. Unfortunately, it loses the essence of the joy of gifting, if we leave it to the last minute. If possible plan in advance to create a more pleasurable experience ;-)

Some men/women don’t give gifts as they are afraid to fail, but then they fail to give which can be disheartening for her/him, especially for someone who’s love language is gifts. Let’s make it a win-win for both sides!

- Ask him: what do you need from me to make giving safe and more pleasurable for you? (to make it a win for him)
- What can I do to communicate better my desires?

As a starting point, open the conversation, ask questions and get to know her/his interests, hobbies, what does she read, like, her favourite travel destinations, what other jewellery style does she wear etc… it’s about noticing the little things and writing them down to remember it when you’re ready to give her/him a gift.

In the end, I’ll leave you with this:

Money can’t buy love, it’s the life experiences and the emotions we share together that create a loving connection. The tangible gifts we give and receive are simply a meaningful visual anchor or a reminder that tells the story of our love for others and ourselves!

Happy gifting,

Victoria x

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