Travel Mementos

Photo: Chayya Ring – inspired by Kerala's majestic and stunning tea plantations high up in the mountains. India.

Travelling is a wonderful thing, exploring new cultures, broadening your knowledge and experiences combined with amazing moments that make you feel alive and take your breath away! Have you ever bought jewellery from that place so that when you come home, you can look at it, wear it and relive those cherished moments? Sounds great doesn’t it? I used to love bringing back inexpensive cultural jewellery made over there. The only trouble was that once home, they usually fell apart pretty quickly and somehow they didn’t fit with any of my outfits, which I found disappointing.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you wish you’d find a piece of jewellery of quality and original designs that brings back to life the way you felt and your memories of that enriching adventure? Look no further as you're in the right place.

This question inspired me to design and handcraft jewellery pieces that celebrate and reflect my experiences and cherished moments of my travels abroad. They combine lasting quality through valued craftsmanship, feminine aethetics, alluring colours and an earthy cultural sensibility that mixes well with our western style in an effortless, luxurious way! Although these are my insights and inspirations, mu intention is to inspire you so that the collection pieces come to live when worn and you will create your own story.
Travel photographs are great, but this is a chance to combine our travel memories and our love for jewellery all in one meaningful piece worn close to our hearts!

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Alternatively, I’d be happy to design a unique one-of-a-kind beautiful piece that embodies your enriching wonderful journey and cherished moments that you’d like to remember forever. Let's design together a jewel, an intriguing piece your friends would want to know the story of!

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Warm wishes,
Victoria x

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