Discover Cuba and dance into pastel colours

Discover Cuba and dance into pastel colours

Hello dear readers,

Enjoy reading my travelogue and what inspired me to design my Cuba collection.
I believe life is made for living experiences that enrich our lives, feel loved and create that fulfilling feeling within ourselves through jewellery talismans.

Ola Cuba!

I’ve often been inspired by Cuba, especially in the recent years! I used to take Salsa classes and listen to Buena Vista Social Club on replay, so naturally I was attracted to this rich culture and its history! Besides, who doesn’t want to have the chance to drive in a 1950’s vintage car?!

With a friend I’ve booked a fantastic small tour called Cuba Group Tour and off we flew from London to the island and danced into joyful and energising colours!


Being picked up at the airport in a viper green vintage 50’s car was definitely a great surprise! I felt like I’ve just travelled back in time and was an extra in a 50’s movie scene! An experience not to miss if you ever have a chance to visit this country. In Havana, everyday is a Salsa festival according to locals! We’ve specifically stayed in old Havana to be able to walk near all the sights. While discovering the streets, I could smell that feel good “tropical holiday” scent mixed with a “je ne sais quoi” cuban vibe. It was so refreshing to really be present in the moment and delighting in all the beautiful decay of old neo-classical buildings sprawling in front of our eyes and observing the locals. I felt a certain nostalgia of the golden days simmering in each corner! Bright colours were everywhere to be seen and Salsa music blasted onto the streets from local restaurants/paladinos and street musicians! You can only be swept away by the locals joyful and welcoming behaviour and enjoy dancing in the streets with random strangers! They really know how to live with joy and happiness considering their political situation. They reminded us that we don’t need much to be happy in the end.
Besides, I’ve always believed that dancing is a fantastic way to express yourself, stay physically and mentally healthy while having the time of your life!


In Havana, we visited and heard stories of government quarters that were turned into museums and grand hotels. The National Hotel used to be Frank Sinatra’s head quarter for his mafia in the 50’s! There’s a real mix of art nouveau, art deco, and the 50’s architecture - and of course the 50’s vintage cars at every street corner.

I’ve designed the statement Havana Chandelier earrings with this concept in mind: Dance and express yourself with colours! I’ve connected bars, leaves and gemstones with links creating a movement, rhythm reflecting the freedom to flow into your feminine essence and strength. The modern bars elements are inspired by Cuba’s neo-classical architecture and it fits well for art deco lovers too!

Havana Chandelier Earrings
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During my stay, I wanted to experience authentic local life, thus we lived in casa particulares while visiting Havana, Vinãles, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. I would definitely recommend this way of touring Cuba, as you’ll taste local home-cooked cuisine and if your spanish is good enough you can even chat with your hosts to get more insights in how it’s like living on this colourful and historically rich country! This was one of the highlights of my stay there.


Vinales Cuba Travel Photos

(photo credits: Victoria von Stein, Vinãles)

What struck me the most was their vibrant colourful houses! Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad where just an homage of festive colours! This inspired me to infuse this joyful, vibrant energy back into my jewellery pieces and enable you to experience it yourself through colourful gemstones! Every colour has the power to elevate your mood, check them out here.

Trinidad Travel Photos

(photo credits: Victoria von Stein, Trinidad)

Trinidad was my favourite city to discover. It is Cuba’s best-preserved colonial town characterised with charming cobblestone streets and pastel coloured buildings by the sea. It was one of the first towns founded by Spanish explorers and has been enlisted as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. We experienced live local music and dance at Canchanchera and I loved visiting a local ceramic craftsman. There was a certain peacefulness in the streets and the locals where charming and welcoming - luckily there were not many tourists! It's a great place to relax after bustling Havana.

On the road back to Havana, we were driving through stunning panoramic tropical views and encountered Cuban cowboys on the road which was fun!

This blog is just a short insight of my Cuban experience, and I hope you can see this country for yourself one day!

Be inspired by my Cuban collection comprising statement earrings, long necklaces and modern everyday bracelets. Feel enchanted by its colours and tropical elements helping you to feel confident and beautiful. Express your wanderlust spirit in a luxurious way and let your individuality shine with colour!

Its also a beautiful gift for someone who dreams of travelling there!

Victoria x

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