Since I was a child I loved making and building things, having fun experimenting with different materials, being curious about the results and the feeling of creating things with my own hands! I created a ceramic tea light house, made pressed flowers images, built a mosaic covered table and making a small Christmas angel out of white pearls at school where Craft was highly valued. As you can imagine, growing up in the Tyrolean Austrian alps was pretty idyllic! One was exposed to the value of craft such as carpentry, masonry and DIY work on a daily basis!I see now that it was a blessing to have had a childhood in the countryside where I had the time and freedom the explore my creativity with the inspiration of my mother, a fine artist painter. I believe that by being surrounded by nature, a harmonious positive energy, we have a better focus on our tasks/goals and increase our productivity as a result. 

Craftsmanship is all about focus, skills and attention to detail. I enjoy the problem solving aspect of it as well! Many things attracted me to the art of jewellery making (which I will reveal in the next blogs), it has so much personal meaning infused in it especially when you know it’s going to be a token of love.
Being in the development stage of a jewellery piece is great because it enables me to be really present and watch step by step how a new piece is forming. You can see an immediate result which is very rewarding! Most of the time it’s exciting, sometimes a bit nerve-racking because I know one hand movement can create a beautiful shape or destroy it!

It’s a journey where I love not only to see the results but I also enjoy the process of getting there! 

Have you ever made anything by hand? How did it feel? Write your comment below :) 

Victoria x

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