The Meaning of a commissioned jewellery piece

The Meaning of a commissioned jewellery piece

The Meaning of a handcrafted jewel

A handcrafted jewellery piece is more than just a shiny object, it has sentimental significance. It is infused with memories. It’s so powerful that it generates colourful visual images that meant something for us, it makes us travel in a moment in time. The more we wear it, the more we remind ourselves who we are, who we love, what is important to us, and feelings of love, appreciation, joy, grace, inner confidence and beauty emerges.

And it's made by hand by people with skilled goldsmiths that are passionate in keeping the value of craft alive. 


Feel empowered and celebrate visually your personality

What brings you joy, passion, beauty and connects you to your own powerful heart? What inspires you? What beautiful life experiences or achievements are you proud of and want to remember? A personalised one-of-a-kind meaningful piece is a symbol that expresses who you are, designed just for you. It is a treasured talisman that radiates your inner light and inspire others to do the same.
Together we could creatively realise your own heirloom piece, and your story will live for generations to come.


A symbol of love and commitment

A ring is a promise, a bond of love between you. Show her your commitment of love with the gift of an engagement ring or wedding ring. Everytime she'll look at it, she'll think of you lovingly.

Are you ready to symbolise your light and start to create your highly personal piece?

It's a wonderful opportunity to experience the journey of creating your unique personal jewellery piece designed by Victoria and handcrafted by skilled craftspeople in London, UK. By investing in a timeless long-lasting jewellery piece you also support the development of creative designers and talented craftspeople by keeping traditional handcraft skills alive.

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