CREATING AND LIVING AUTHENTICALLY. An interview with Francesca Lando, Immuto collective

CREATING AND LIVING AUTHENTICALLY. An interview with Francesca Lando, Immuto collective
Immuto Collectiveimmuto collective
(Once Upon Us, Immuto, immersive installation at Queen Mary University in London, photo by A.Mariscalchi; Light of the Forest, Immuto, immersive installation at Art Fair Finland in Helsinki, photo by H.Vogt)
I was recently interviewed by Francesca Lando - installation artist, teacher of the online course Rescue Your Inner Artist and dear friend of mine - about what it takes to live a heart-driven life and create authentically. 
I thought you would enjoy a snippet of our conversation, starting with this quote:
“He who works with his hands is a labourer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”
– Saint Francis of Assisi

FL: I love this quote! It is very much aligned with the core of Rescue Your Inner Artist, because it implies that what sets art apart from other creative endeavours is not medium or technique but its inner-driven nature. And that since we all have a heart, we all have our form of art to express - you just need to learn how to listen to the whispers of your heart. Victoria, how has your heart guided you on your creative journey?

VVS: That’s a beautiful quote that helps define different practices! For my creative journey, I’ve always had the desire to express a feeling, an experience or a message through visual arts communication and share it with the world to uplift, bring joy and aesthetic beauty to others. I find it fascinating to learn new technical and artistic skills that help me express the idea. It’s often the artistic process of exploring, experimenting with new tools with my hands that I find exciting and observe what unfolds. I love a creative challenge and the thrilling satisfaction of seeing the results of my produced work. 

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FL: I know from experience how vulnerable it can feel to share your most authentic art with the world. In the course we explore how you can move beyond inner and outer criticism by connecting to your own wisdom and source of inspiration. Victoria, how do you keep yourself inspired and continue creating authentically?

VVS: I intentionally seek what sparks my interests and cultivate an open curious mind to let inspiration come in. I love trying out new fresh techniques that help evolve my artwork. It keeps me engaged and opens the channel for new ideas to flow in. When I feel that expansive and exciting joyful feeling while working with my hands, I know I’m on the right path. It helps me to create a piece I’m really proud of. Listening to that first and taking action on it before any outside influence is important. It’s also healthy to evaluate your artwork and see what skills I can improve on, it’s part of the process. There are no mistakes. Just learning curves to express better what I feel driven to create. And be kind to yourself.

FL:  We all need to find and surround us with the people, things, places and practices that nurture us. In the course we look at how to create a support system to help you navigate not only the highs but also the lows of the creative cycle. Victoria, how do you support your creativity? 

VVS:  Having my own creative physical space with influential moodboards and a supportive group of artists, designers and creatives is vital for me! We mutually encourage and share our knowledge or skills. I also love travelling. Exploring and discovering new cultures nourishes my creative artistic mind with new wonderful smells, soothing sounds, vibrant colours and beautifully crafted decorative arts and architecture. It drives me to create new fresh work. I often start by drawing in my sketchbook to capture my ideas. It’s a beautiful joyful meditative and reflective practice too. 

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And you? Do you already know what your heart is craving to create in your life and in this world? 

If you too would like to explore how to reconnect to and act on your heart’s greatest vision, you may want to join the waiting list of Rescue Your Inner Artist course and get notified first when doors open again (only 8 spaces available).

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Love, Victoria x

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