The Creation of BANYU - a hand-sculpted botanical cocktail ring

The Creation of BANYU - a hand-sculpted botanical cocktail ring

The initial drive was to bring my botanical illustrations to life through sculptural jewellery inspired by my exotic travel destinations and honour cultural heritage craft skills seen in local communities such as Bali. Here's an update on a recent customised commission I made for a client.


Botanical Cocktail Ring BANYU - Victoria von Stein

The brief was to design a hand-sculpted botanical cocktail ring that would be worn at special events and occasions using my signature organic style and her love for the colour teal. And adding a touch of French élégance as well! It needed to be a quality WOW piece to invest in that lasts a lifetime and that she will wear more often. Inspired by the stunning exotic Banyuwana waterfall in Bali, Indonesia, I based my conceptual design on the story of wrapping yourself in the beauty of nature and connect to exotic destinations that make you feel energised and joyful. I then sourced a beautiful rich London blue Topaz to reflect the deep blue waters with hints of teal colours.

Botanical Cocktail Ring BANYU - craft - Victoria von Stein


I intentionally chose to train and elevate my skills in the ancient technique of wax carving to reflect and honour the beautiful balinese craft heritage in stonecarving. I used flexible modelling wax to patiently scrape away, carve, and sculpt organic fluid forms with finely engraved leaves that evoke the smooth movement of water and rhythm of leaves.

The leaves wrap around the big central 16x12mm gemstone and awaken a sensuous, tactile, elegant look & feel to the wearer.

Once the wax model is finished, I outsourced the lost wax casting in London to transform the model into sterling silver. Then I worked with an expert goldsmith to set the gemstone with double claws to let more light in and polish it with a contrasting matt and mirrored finish to accentuate the textures and curves.

BANYU Cocktail Ring - Victoria von Stein
BANYU botanical ring


It's revealed. A conversational piece made to cherish and last a lifetime. 

Dive into the deep blue waters and light of the London Blue Topaz.



If you feel excited by what you see above, I offer customised design versions made with my signature botanical style! Enquire via email at studio(at) to know more about the process.

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