Creative artistic development in ORIGINAL MANDALA ART

Creative artistic development in ORIGINAL MANDALA ART




This intricate, colourful, botanical mandala painting is designed to draw you into a world of meaningful symbols of the language of flowers, plants and gemstones. They enhance our environment with balance, colour and harmony.

Designed and meticulously hand-drawn by Victoria von Stein with water-soluble ink coloured pencils, metallic gold pens and finely painted gouache gemstones.
on smooth watercolour hot pressed paper.

A2 size  (420 x 594 mm / 16.5 x 23.4 inches)


A *NEW* botanical mandala infused with uplifting, vibrant and harmonious energy of nature. 🌿

I wanted to visually tell the story of my Sensuous Bali collection to complement my botanical Bali rings.

I've evolved my artistic style and incorporated gold metal effects, flower symbolism and gemstones into this one. It gives it more depths and refers to my love for gemstones and Balinese decorate arts.

Creating mandalas has an enjoyable calming, focusing effect on my mind, heart and body.

I became interested in the conceptual idea of mandalas when I was looking for a creative design idea that visually communicates the art of living in balance inspired by the natural beauty of Balinese culture.

“Mandala” means “circle or wholeness” and is a spiritual journey within in Hindu Sanskrit. Based on this idea, I designed a series of Bali-inspired botanical mandalas encapsulating the nourishing energy and colours of nature to feel harmony and joy within.


Botanical Mandala Original Art Process detail - Victoria von Stein


Botanical Mandala Original Art Process detail - Victoria von Stein


Drawing this botanical mandala felt so relaxing and infused calm and joy in my creative process.

It does require some initial design thinking:

🌱 A thoughtful composition that feels balanced and harmonious between all elements

🌱 Defining a colour palette inspired by the tropical colours seen in Bali

🌱 Thoughfully selecting and drawing exotic plants and flowers that have a powerful symbolic meaning

🌱 Adding some cabochon citrines and blue topaz to refer to my love for meaningful gemstones

This mandala tells the story of my handcarved botanical BALI rings.

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Botanical Mandala Original Art Process - Victoria von Stein


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