Victoria von Stein offers handcrafted fine jewellery collections, remodelling, bespoke design commissions and hand-illustrated fine art prints.

They are small sculptural treasures made from the beauty of the earth, infusing symbolic meanings, an earthy organic tactile feel with vibrant colours.

Each collection tells a story from exotic cultures. They are easily worn to suit today’s casual chic day-to-night lifestyle. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, all collection pieces are made of sterling silver with quality 22ct goldplating and alluring gemstones. Designed and handcrafted in London, UK. 

You can discover them here.

These jewellery pieces are for women to visually express who she is with luxurious organic elegance. It's a talisman for strength and courage or a symbol of connection with her loved ones. Every time she wears it, she feels free, confident and radiant from within. A piece that carries her story long term.


Victoria is the contemporary multi-disciplined jewellery designer / maker / illustrator behind her eponymous label based in London, UK.

Her artistic vision is tell meaningful stories through beautiful fine jewels. This drives her to create design solutions and illustrations that inspire and uplift, encourage joy, inner strength, courage, love. 

She believes that the act of crafting by hand also has overall health benefits besides a rewarding satisfactory feeling of seeing the final results.


Her design inspirations are drawn from her enriching travels, architecture, the energy of colours, the magical poetry of the natural world and its wellbeing effects (biophelia). She is also fascinated by cultural decorative arts, architecture & handicrafts traditions and capturing the wisdom of exotic countries and global tribes.

" I’m inspired to visually evoke stories through meaningful original designs and keep the beauty of quality craftsmanship alive".


Through research, creative solutions thinking of various design possibilities, creating moodboards and drawing sketches, she derives a final design for the desired project. She uses gouache, ink-coloured pencils and fine liners for her final hand-drawn illustrations that are then translated and rendered into jewellery pieces. Her creative making process begins by photographing, collecting and drawing elements of what inspires her.

Her jewellery designs evolve through experimenting with layering, composition, playing with light and forms, contrasting colours and textures using traditional techniques such as sawing out shapes, wax carving models, soldering, hammering and gemstone settings using precious sterling silver, gold vermeil or 18ct gold.
Her aim is to create sensual, refined yet bold, colourful, tactile pieces that are light to wear with an enchanting look & feel.

Textures, nature shapes, light, colours and decorative elements make up her signature visual language style which is described as elegant, colourful, organic, decorative and detailed.

She's open to explore new ways of applying colours and textures into her work to elevate and innovate her creative development with new inspiring craft techniques in order to best communicate the narrative story she wants to tell. She has already partnered with specialised goldsmiths for her bespoke commissions.

The handcrafted making process allows for beautiful imperfections that bring richness and personal value to her work. The jewellery pieces are produced with inspiring quality craftsmanship techniques combined with 3D CAD technology where necessary.


- BA (Hons) diploma in Graphic Design from Camberwell College of Arts 2005.

- Victoria has 15 years combined experience working as a graphic designer in design agencies in London (with Sisley Cosmetics UK, Neal's Yard Remedies, Phillips) and as a freelance designer for independent brands and entrepreneurs in UK / Europe.

- Retrained as an independent jewellery designer maker to pursue her passion for traditional jewellery craftsmanship at CityLit college, London.

- 2015 The Goldsmith's Centre's Setting Out Programme and was a resident there until 2020.

- Future Icons x Goldsmiths' Centre Xmas Pop up, London 2019
- Inhorgenta Jewellery Trade Show / Exhibitor under Great Britain Pavilion, Munich, Germany 2019
- Blooming Founder's Pop Up at Cocoon Partners, London, UK 2018
- Private Christmas Pop Up, Paris, France 2017
- 'Spring Treasures' Gallery Pop Up at Craft Central, London, UK 2016
- Cabinet of Curiosities at The Goldsmith's Centre, London, UK 2015
- 'Made In Clerkenwell' at Craft Central Open Studios x The Goldsmiths' Centre, London, UK 2015
- 'Make Your Mark' / The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office, London, UK 2015


Growing up bilingual in Germany, the Tyrolian alps of Austria, France and her English professional education in London influenced her design career and inspirations. She developed a love for cultures, design, heritage crafts, paper goods, jewellery and the benefits of nature.