Your heirloom piece responsibly designed
with excellent craftsmanship.

Let's bring your own treasured jewel to life for your loved one or yourself!
A special piece that captures the personality and life story of the wearer.

1. Initial consultation

Commissioning a one-of-a-kind Jewellery piece with Victoria is an exciting personal experience. Guided by her ability to combine artistic vision with quality craftsmanship, she works together with you to create truly unique treasures that will mark intimate and memorable moments in life. Responsibly and sustainably made where possible.

This creative journey begins with a one to one consultation to discuss your initial needs, ideas, budget, inspiration and intentions. There's no pressure to have a specific design already in mind!

The whole process can take up to 2-3 months as a guide. Timeframes vary depending on the design stage, sourcing the desired precious metal, gemstones and the intricate handcrafting technical skills used. It also needs to allow for the piece to be sent away to be Hallmarked by the Assay Office in London.

I would be very happy to offer you my personal service and guide you through the beautiful process.

2. Design Process

Innovative Designs
This an inspiring innovative creative process. I can help you find clarity for your special occasion or gift by presenting drawings, creative design options infused with my signature visual style and brand new styles. After discussing a few selected variations, the best final one will be developed for your approval.

Precious Metals & Gemstones
As it's a unique individual piece, you decide which precious metal you wish to have it created in. Recycled, fairmined or fairtrade gold or recycled silver combined with beautiful ethically sourced gemstones are durable and have longevity. 
I'll source fine quality gemstones for you unless you'd like to use your own. 

Remodelling Heirloom pieces

You also have the option to transform your unworn heirloom jewellery and integrate your sentimental valuable gemstones into a new piece that fits your personality and style! It may give a new sparkling life to your gemstones and create a new timeless story to tell! 22ct, 18ct, 9ct yellow gold jewellery may be melted down and reworked.
View a case study of engagement / wedding rings here >

3. Craftsmanship Process 

Once the design has been approved, the bespoke piece will be made using a combination of either hand-carved or 3D CAD wax models and traditional goldsmithing craft techniques. It depends on the complexity of the technical requirements of the design. I recommend using recycled, fairmined or fairtrade gold precious metals. 

Hallmark Quality Stamp:

For UK made bespoke jewellery pieces, every piece will be hallmarked with my sponsor's mark as I'm registered at London's Assay Office in UK
You can be assured that it's made of genuine precious metal and meets all the legal requirements. (Find more about it here: What is a Hallmark

Prices for (one-of-a-kind) OOAK bespoke commissions start from £2000. 

Ready to get started?

Simply fill in an enquiry form and I'll be in touch with you straight away.
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Inspiring feedback from my lovely clients and how it brought joy into their lives:

"Merci merci chère Victoria pour le magnifique cuff que Gonzague m'a offert mardi soir!! Il est vraiment ravissant, original et unique, et je me vois le porter aussi bien avec un jean et une veste en casual, que lors d'un mariage! Merci pour toutes ces heures de travail et d'attention, et bravo pour ton talent! "
- Gersende et Gonzague, France

"Elegant, feminin, delicate, precieux, jolie et tres bien pour casual chic everyday! J'adore ma bague, merci!! - Isabella, Frankfurt, Germany

"A beautiful work of art. You can be proud as a jeweller and as an artist. Thank you so much for all your hard work, We are both thrilled about the engagement and wedding rings!"
- Virginie, London, UK

"Beautiful, sensationally talented. Thank you for lending your talent and inspiration to this ring. Your are so incredibly gifted and understand me so well. You captured so much, efforstless! I shall treasure it forever. It is more my dreams could ever wish for for my 30th Birthday."
- Laura, London, UK

"It is just as I imagined, it is really beautiful, full of interest but simple at the same time. Thank you so much for doing it so quickly, I will really enjoy wearing it whilst we are away.
It's just what I wanted."

- Tess, UK

"Such a gift wearing this priceless jewelry tree of life pendant made with so much love and passion. You are pure creative energy thank you for making me more beautiful with this unique piece!"
- Severyna, Guadeloupe

One-of-a-kind Commissioned Work

Wedding Anniversary / Birthday / Special Occasion / Engagement and Wedding Jewellery Gifts
18ct recycled gold or sterling silver with gemstones