BALI PRINT Illustration Series

Bali painting with gouache 



Bali, the Island of the Gods reminded me to take time out of one's busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate life’s beauty and not hurry. I really soaked up the beauty around me, felt relaxed, rejuvenated, joyful and grateful of the goodness I received while being there. Everywhere you look there’s beauty, from their finely handcrafted wood-carved decorated doors, lush green ricefields, vibrant bright colourful fruit and flowers such as aromatic frangipani’s, hibiscus, bougainvillea and jasmine to the happy smiley welcoming hearts of the balinese and so much more. They’ve figured out an art of living we can only feel inspired by as they take the time to create meaningful rituals with beauty treatments and spiritual “canang sari” offerings benefiting our emotional and physical wellbeing! I‘ll happily have an exotic flower bath once a week, feeling rejuvenated and reconnected anytime ;-)

In our western world, we’re so trained to prize productiveness, meaningless “busy-ness” or fear the unknown so much that we are feeling unbalanced, disconnected and tend to ignore or forget what gives us joy, beauty and meaning right in front of us. We’re too much in our minds, planning, strategising, surviving, worrying, fearing… I want to see the good, the positive, the beautiful, the human and noticing what lights up my heart, and you? It’s our choice to feel balanced and reconnect to our inner harmony.


Be inspired and smelling the roses to feel rejuvenated blissfully …. an experience I felt inspired to integrate and express in my gouache painting here >

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