Do you have used, old jewellery at home?

You've been gifted a heirloom piece which carries a sentimental personal story. It reminds you of a loved one. Problem is, you cherish the memories, but not the actual design of the piece. It's old fashioned so you don't wear it, it's tucked away in a box or safe. You do have a great eye and have noticed that the gemstones are stunning, right?! 


TIP 1: Recycle and extract the gemstones

You can extract the gemstones and choose to bring new positive life energy to them.

Jewellery are meant to be worn, each ring, necklace, earrings or pendant become alive when they see the light and are connected to you. The gemstones will create some magic for you. They resonate with energy when worn. Isn't it a shame to keep it hidden in a safe or jewellery box, tucked away in the dark? 

Recycling your existing gemstones can definitely save money compared to buying new gemstones. Incorporating the sentimental gemstones from inherited pieces retains the personal connection while giving them new life in a personalised bespoke design.


TIP 2: Recycle your precious metals 

You can recycle and use the existing gold and choose to get cash/credit for your recycled gold scrap to buy new recycled, fairmined or fairtrade gold for your new redesign.

Positive Impact on Nature

You also help the environment by recycling precious metals and repurposing what you already have, meaning it would not require new mining. The beauty of gold recycling is that it does not lead to degradation in quality. The gold mined years ago is as valuable as it is mined today! 

Designing your own precious one-of-a-kind jewel doesn't have to cost the earth.

A client asked me, if I could redesign an old family bracelet into two wedding bands and one engagement ring by reusing the 18k gold and the rubies and diamonds. As more gold was need for three new items, I gave them credit for their gold scrap towards the new commissions.

Can re-using/melting your own gold jewellery save you money?

It’s not as straightforward as we might believe ;-)

It is a common misconception that melting your existing metals will be cheaper than using new precious metals, but this is often not the case. The cost comes from the goldsmith's extremely time-consuming process of melting and reforming the metal. It doesn't tend to work out any cheaper.

In addition, doing a single small casting wastes a significant amount of your gold due to the need for oversized sprues. More critically, the unknown alloy composition of old 14K or 18K gold could cause major issues like discoloration, porosity, and cracking when remelted and recast into a new piece. This is why melting down your old jewellery tends to generate unpredictable and often poorer quality results.


TIP 3: Receive credit for your old gold

The better alternative and environmentally-friendly way to repurpose those unused items is to recycle your old gold pieces with me - I will evaluate their value and provide you with a credit to apply towards a new bespoke jewellery commission using recycled metals already approved by a refinery, trusted goldsmith or caster.

An applied credit with definitely help financially towards designing and creating your jewellery piece you’ve been dreaming of! I can design a precious personalised and sentimental pendant, ring or necklace with your budget in mind.


TIP 4: Remodel an original design created just for you.

I will help you define a design that expresses your personality and style with empowering symbolism. The more you wear it, the more it becomes a part of you, an object d'émotions infused with your own life story to tell, playing homage to the past and present.

What makes it meaningful:

You decide what it represents to you. 

Who / what do you want to cherish and remember?

What / who brings you joy and love?

Does it make you feel beautiful and confident?

A jewel can:
  • Express your love and loyalty to a special person with an engagement ring or wedding ring
  • Express visually who you are, your personal style, what you love and enjoy
  • Symbolises and celebrates your achievements in life
  • Celebrates your beautiful self
  • act like a talisman, empowers you to believe that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams and desires.



As you already have the gemstones or some precious metal in credit, it will reduce some costs when you invest in creating a unique customised, one-of-a kind jewellery piece for you!


Next Step:

If this resonates with you, it's time to bring them back to light! 
If you would like to explore the exciting possibilities or you have an important occasion that you would like to celebrate, I'm here for you.

I would be honoured to redesign a piece for you according to your budget and take you on this exciting, creative journey! 

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Banner JewelA client's new engagement and wedding rings made from an old bracelet:

A symbol that made her beautiful, confident and loved! 

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