Discover How Biophilic Art Improves Our Wellbeing

Discover How Biophilic Art Improves Our Wellbeing

- Discover How Nature Benefits our Wellbeing - Biophilic Art -

"Nature" is such a vast topic in art and design that embraces so many things.

The beauty, poetry and intricate designs of the natural world has always inspired me. As I grew up in the mountains of the tyrolian alps in Austria, it certainly has left an immense impression on me.

Having worked with Neal’s Yard Remedies as a graphic designer (an organic skincare brand) combined with my jewellery collections, the natural world has always been a connecting thread in my design work.

Finally, since 2020, the lockdown has been a productive pivoting time for me. I’ve elevated my creative practice and progressed naturally into training my hand-drawing skills in illustrating botanical plants, flora and birds. I’ve been mesmerised by its organic harmonious forms, detailed patterns, textures and colours.

This journey has led me to find a more purposeful depth in my work besides aesthetical beauty and looked into the theme of “Biophilic Design” that is currently very much used in the architecture and interior design world using natural elements.


What is Biophilia?


The term “biophilia” which translates to “love of nature” appeared for the first time in 1984. Edward Wilson, an American biologist and influential theorist at the time wrote a book titled Biophilia thus popularising the term. Wilson believed that bringing humans back into nature is critical for our emotional well-being.

“Biophilia is the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms. Because human beings are physiologically part of nature, human beings need to feel connected with nature in order to feel whole."

I couldn’t agree more with his statement.


Health benefits of connecting with nature

Many of us spent months in a small flat or house with no outside space during lockdown. Our freedom of walking outside has been restricted and many of us have experienced negative effects on our wellbeing. 

Psychologists have long known that the environment in which we spend time in is important in terms of health and wellbeing, and that nature has particularly beneficial properties.


Now imagine...

The feel of a warm sunshine on your skin

Hearing the wind blow gently

Listening to the sounds of birds tweet and water flow

Seeing your plants grow one leaf at a time…

Smell the sweet aroma of flowers and blossoms

How do you feel?


Nature has the ability to uplift our spirits by:

  • increasing healing, reenergising effects and inner balance.
  • increasing awareness of the joyful present moment, away from a busy mind.
  • giving emotional comfort for finding inner calming peace.
  • creating an environment where we can observe and appreciate the delightful beauty around us.
  • teaching us to pause, breathe deeply, move, just feel alive and reconnect to ourselves.


    Drawing the natural world with a purpose

    If you can’t travel outside, travel inside!

    As we’re all living in hyper digital times and spend a lot more time within our concrete four walls at home, in cities or in office spaces, it makes sense to bring the natural world inside.

    I believe creating nature-inspired art can serve a purpose beyond being an object of beauty. Through my designs I highlight and celebrate what nature gives back to us. 


    Why creating an positive inspiring environment is important 

    I purposefully create nature-inspired wall art prints and handpainted murals to help:
    • create a harmonious, colourful, joyful, fresh, calming and light atmosphere
    • stimulate healthy productivity and reducing stress
    • Connect to wanderlust dreams and goals
    • Reminisce cherished travel experience memories

    This applies for your home or office spaces.
    By visually connecting with it our mind conjures up the feeling of in nature’s fresh and well balanced energy and stimulates wellbeing.
    Why not add some plants as well!

    This is worth creating an inspiring positive environment, isn’t it?

    I invite you to have a closer look at my beautifully detailed, colourful and harmonious art prints here > drawn with ink pencils and gouache.
    Available in A3 and A4 limited Editions.

    If you wish to commission a bigger art piece you’re welcome to contact me.

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