- Design thoughtful, engaging and meaningful visuals and useful products with function, beautiful aesthetics.

- Design with quality materials in mind and produce products that are well crafted with an inspiring making process.

- Design beautiful products with the purpose to inspire love, connection to nature, wanderlust and encourage wellbeing. 

- Design with ethical eco friendly or recycled materials where possible.
Intentionally sourcing and working with manufacturers who have ethical eco friendly processes where possible.

- In a mass-consumer world, keeping the value and beauty of handskilled craftsmanship alive is now even more important. Nurturing and collaborating with craftspeople and bringing artistic and meaningful value by visually communicating through the power of colours, textures, shapes, precious gemstones and great art mediums is what inspires her to create and design for good purposes.


I design unique jewellery pieces for women who want to celebrate life experiences, their inner beauty and individuality. I love to combine original beautiful designs, quality craftsmanship and accessible luxury with a soul.

They are easily worn to suit today’s casual chic day-to-night lifestyle. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, all collection pieces are made of sterling silver with quality 22ct goldplating and alluring gemstones. Designed and handcrafted in London, UK.  You can discover them here.

Bespoke Jewellery commissions now have the option to use client's own old jewellery for remodelling and recycling of gemstones and precious metals for a more eco-friendly and sustainable practice.

Our Gemstones are sourced in India and reputable London, UK trade wholesalers.


Colourful Notebooks are printed on eco-friendly, recycled paper for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Limited editions gyclée art prints are reproduced on quality Hahnemühle archival paper to create a fresh, calming and joyful atmosphere in your environment.


For paper gifting goods, items are packaged in biodegradable cellophane film and recyclable carton envelopes.
For fine Jewellery, items are packaged in carton gift boxes that can be recycled.