colour inspiration 

Hi, I’m a jewellery designer creating enchanting, colourful contemporary jewels with an organic feminine style including creating illustrations that support the same theme and country.

I love to travel and explore exotic countries that are worth celebrating their cultural beauty.

They are a great source of inspiration of light, colours, textures, emotions and atmospheres for me. I aim to reflect these elements in my creative artistic work by creating objects of desire that remind us what brings us joy, love, passion and adventure.

I direct my work to combine alluring colourful gemstones, textured finishes, soft lines and work with quality craftsmen, precious metals and CAD technology where necessary. They express a sense of earthy sophistication and can be worn as a luxury piece for the everyday.

Light inspiration

As a practitioner, I’m drawn to translating the theme of light into my work, exploring various traditional jewellery making techniques such as sawing cutouts and hammering texture that let’s the light shine through or it reflects it back. The textured finish adds an earthy, tactile and luxurious look & feel.

In addition, I’m using alluring colourful gemstones often selected according to the colours I’m seen during my travels. These raw treasures of the earth with their translucency and radiance reflect back the colours of our soul. 

Other elements that I’m inspired to infuse into my work are shapes and forms of curvy, undulating lines informing a flow of energy, expressing a sense of freedom such as the graceful dance of leaves. It gives a certain softness and is very comfortable when worn.

Once inspiration sparks, a creative thought process begins and flows full of life into my hands and I start drawing designs. Taking on the challenge on how to interpret and symbolise meaningful messages and ideas into a dreamy unique tangible piece, through craft techniques, forms and gemstones is very exciting!

This is an ongoing process, if that resonates with you, follow me on my creative journey here on Instagram >

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