I’m Victoria von Stein, a trilingual (French, German, English) multi-disciplinary illustrator / designer maker based in Wiltshire, UK.

I’m driven to create story-led illustrations and design solutions for products that inspire, uplift and encourage joy, love and wellbeing.


Textures, organic shapes, colours and decorative elements make up my visual language style which is described as feminine, colourful, organic, decorative and detailed.


My design inspirations are drawn from my travel experiences, the beauty and wellbeing effects of nature (biophelia) and the figurative female body. I’m fascinated by the arts & crafts traditions and wisdom of eastern cultures and global tribes.

Travel colours and elements


Through research, creative thinking of various design possibilities, creating moodboards and sketches, I derive solutions for the desired project's goal. I use gouache, ink-coloured pencils and fine liners for my final hand-drawn illustrations that are then transferred digitally for surface designs or to create jewellery pieces.


  •  Design engaging meaningful visuals and useful products with function, beautiful aesthetics and quality materials in mind and are well crafted with an inspiring making process.
  • Design beautiful products with the purpose to inspire love, connection to nature, wanderlust and encourage wellbeing. 
  • Design with ethical eco friendly materials where possible.
  • All paper goods are printed using recycled paper and biodegradable packaging.
  • Intentionally sourcing and working with manufacturers who have ethical eco friendly processes where possible.

🍃 Jewellery collections

I design unique jewellery pieces for women who want to celebrate life experiences, their inner beauty and individuality. I love to combine original beautiful designs, quality craftsmanship and accessible luxury with a soul.

Inspired by my enriching cultural travel experiences, my love for colour and beauty of nature, I transform my reflections into beautiful, timeless storytelling jewellery pieces.

They exude and elegant design with cultural sensibilities mixed with handmade textures and finely cut organic shapes expressing a sense of romance and adventure. It uplifts and inspires women to shine their own inner light, personality and style.

They are easily worn to suit today’s casual chic day-to-night lifestyle. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, all collection pieces are made of sterling silver with quality 22ct goldplating and alluring gemstones. Designed and handcrafted in London, UK.  You can discover them here.

🍃 Art Prints

Limited editions gyclée art prints reproduced on Hahnemühle archival paper to create a fresh, calming and joyful atmosphere in your environment.
Where possible recycled and sustainable paper suppliers are used, items are packaged in biodegradable cellophane film and recyclable carton envelopes.

    Light inspiration


    • Growing up in Germany, the alps of Austria, France and my professional education in England,UK, I developed a love for cultures, heritage crafts, paper goods, jewellery and the benefits of nature. 
    • In a mass-consumer world, keeping the value and beauty of skilled craftsmanship alive is now even more important. Nurturing and collaborating with craftspeople and bringing artistic and meaningful value by visually communicating through the power of colours, textures, shapes, precious gemstones and great art mediums is what inspires me to create and design for good purposes.


    • My creative journey started with a BA (Hons) diploma in Graphic Design from Camberwell College of Arts. 
    • Having 15 years of combined experience as a graphic designer in design agencies in London (i.e. Sisley Cosmetics UK, Neal's Yard Remedies) and as a trained independent jewellery designer maker (since 2015) allowed me to grow entrepreneurial business and creative direction skillsets. It enabled me to enrich my art practice and transfer my knowledge and design skills in different sectors. It also gave me a wider understanding of people's needs and desires.
    • I was selected to take part in The Goldsmith's Centre's Setting Out Programme, a business development course for jewellers in London in 2015/16 and have been a resident there until 2020.
    • In 2020, I'm coming full circle by expanding my design strengths naturally into illustration and surface design to create positive atmospheres in our environment.
      Profile Photo by Louis Amore Photography


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