Aquamarine March Birthstone

Spring is on its way and we’re all planning our holidays for the year! It can be exciting to travel, and legends say some crystals have powerful effects while travelling… I’ve explored this and hope it’s enchanting for you too.

Aquamarine is often referred to the “Mermaid’s Stone” or “ Jewel of the Sea” as its colour evokes the purity of crystalline waters. Neptune, the King of the Sea, gave aquamarine as gifts to the mermaids and from then on brought joy, love and wealth to any woman who wore it. 
It is also believed it was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection while travelling over waters.

When you look at it and its colour, it emits a flowing, soothing, and compassionate energy like the sound of the waves of the sea. Wear this stone to alleviate stress and tension to quiet the mind while travelling and be inspired by its legends, who knows, it might just work its magic!

~ March Birthstone
~ Symbol of faithfulness, courage, friendship
~ Calms the mind and evokes relaxation

Aquamarine is a gem variety of the mineral Beryl.
It gets its colour from trace elements of iron within the crystal. Aquamarine can be quite expensive in comparison to other semi-precious stones due to the lovely dichroic effect of blue/clear to blue pastels and deep blue, which gives it its distinctive ethereal quality.

~ Mined in Brazil.

~ 7.5-8 in Mohs scale of Hardness making it extremely scratch resistant

Aquamarine is a lovely companion for your everyday to evening wear, an ideal gemstone to make you shine whatever the occasion.

Gift this stone to someone who loves the sea and water or who is born in March!

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